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Terms and Conditions


These Payments Terms of Use (“Payments Terms of Use”) set out the terms on which the Sagorax Payment Entities set forth below offer you Payment Services (as defined below in Part I, Section 1) in relation to your use of the Sagorax Services. Your use of the Sagorax Services will continue to be governed by the User Agreement applicable to you. Capitalized terms used, but not defined, in these Payments Terms of Use have the same meaning as set forth in the User Agreement. The applicable User Agreement, related Sagorax policies, or other agreements between you and us (for example, a billing agreement) may include provisions regarding your use of the Sagorax Services without Managed Payments (as defined below) which may conflict with these Payments Terms of Use. You understand that, with respect to our Payment Services, these Payments Terms of Use supersede any and all such conflicting provisions. You agree to comply with these Payments Terms of Use when accessing or using our Payment Services. If you disagree with any part of these Payments Terms of Use, please do not list items for sale on Sagorax.

These Payments Terms of Use are between you and the applicable Sagorax Payment Entities, as set forth below. If you have international sales, you may receive Payment Services from one or more Sagorax Payment Entities, as described in Part I, Section 2 below. In addition to the General Payments Terms (Part I of these Payments Terms of Use), each Sagorax Payment Entity has Additional Payments Terms (Parts II, III, IV, V and VI of these Payments Terms of Use) that apply to the Payment Services such entity provides. Sagorax . and the companies it directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with, are referred to as our “Affiliates.” The Sagorax Payment Entities are Affiliates of Sagorax .


This Part I of the Payments Terms of Use applies to all Payment Services you receive from the Sagorax Payment Entities (also collectively referred to as “we” or “us” in this Part).

About Payments on the Sagorax Services

You agree to have the Sagorax Payment Entities receive or execute payments on your behalf in relation to your use of the Sagorax Services, and manage settlement of related payments to you (referred to as “Managed Payments,” “Payment Services,” or similar names).

The underlying contract for the buyer’s purchase of “items” (which may refer to goods and/or services) from you is directly concluded between you and the buyer.

International Sales
  • If you receive Payment Services from an Sagorax Payment Entity, such entity is appointed to process transactions and manage the settlement of funds related to your sales.
  • Each Sagorax Payment Entity is appointed to manage payments for sales on one or more sites, as set forth in the table below (“Responsible Payment Entity”). The site on which you list your item will determine the Responsible Payment Entity for a given sale. For example, ECA would be the Responsible Payment Entity if you sell an item that you listed on sagorax.
  • Your “Payout Entity” is the Sagorax Payment Entity associated with the country in which you reside or are established as a business. Your Payout Entity is assigned to you as illustrated in the table below, unless you and we otherwise agree. You will receive all disbursements to your Linked Financial Account from this entity, regardless of where you list your items.
  • If you sell an item listed on an Sagorax site whose Responsible Payment Entity is also your Payout Entity, your Payout Entity will process the sale and settle the corresponding funds to your Linked Financial Account. For example, if your Payout Entity is ECCA, your funds awaiting payout from sales on sagorax will be processed and settled to your Linked Financial Account by ECCA.
  • f you sell an item listed on an Sagorax site whose Responsible Payment Entity differs from your Payout Entity, the Responsible Payment Entity will process the sale and transfer the corresponding funds to your Payout Entity, which will receive the funds on your behalf and in turn disburse them to your Linked Financial Account. For example, if your Payout Entity is eCI and you reside in an “Additional Country” (as such term is defined in the chart below), your funds awaiting payout from sales on sagorax will be managed by Sagorax Sarl and settled to eCI. eCI will then disburse the funds to your Linked Financial Account.
Payout Currency

Your “Payout Currency” is the currency that we will use for settling your transaction proceeds to your Linked Financial Account. We will generally determine your Payout Currency as follows, unless you and we agree otherwise:

  • If you are a seller residing or established in the United States, New Zealand, or any of the Additional Countries, your Payout Currency is the US Dollar.
  • If you are a seller residing or established in an EEA country (except Iceland), your Payout Currency will be the Euro.
  • If you are a seller residing or established in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, or Australia, your Payout Currency will be based on your country of residence.
  • If you are a seller residing or established in Canada, your Payout Currency will be the Canadian Dollar or, if offered by us and selected by you, the US Dollar.

We may enable further Payout Currencies at our sole discretion in the future. Where offered by us and agreed upon by you and your buyer, your buyer may pay for an item you sell with currency other than your Payout Currency. When this happens, the paid amount will be converted into your Payout Currency prior to disbursement of the funds to you, using the applicable transaction exchange rate and assessing the currency conversion charge as indicated on our Fee Page described in Section 3 (“Seller Payment Fees”) below. Similarly, your receipt of Sagorax Services from Affiliates may cause you to incur fees which are published in a currency other than your Payout Currency; if this happens, we may convert such fees into your Payout Currency in the same manner as described in the prior sentence.

Further, if you live in an Additional Country, the financial institution you opened your Linked Financial Account with may charge you a separate fee for converting your funds from the US Dollar to your local currency.

Seller Payment Fees

The fees and expenses which we charge in relation to your use of Managed Payments are, unless otherwise communicated to you, set forth in the applicable fee page linked in the tables below based on the country that you reside or are established in (“Fee Page”). For instance, if you reside in Australia and do not have an Sagorax store, clicking on the “Australia” link in the “Sellers in ___ without Sagorax Stores” column will take you to your applicable Managed Payments fee page; in contrast, if you reside in Australia and have an Sagorax store, you should click on the “Australia” link in the “Sagorax Store Sellers in” column. Such fees and expenses are subject to change, as set forth in the applicable User Agreement. For instance, if the Australian User Agreement is applicable, we may change our seller fees from time to time by posting the changes on the Australian Sagorax site 30 days in advance, but with no advance notice required for temporary promotions, new services, or any changes that result in the reduction of fees.

Seller Onboarding

In order to use our services, you must register and accept these Payments Terms of Use. If you reside in the EEA, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland, your submission of your Managed Payments online registration application constitutes your offer to conclude this agreement. If your onboarding is not immediately confirmed, you will receive notification that you have been approved to receive services once we have reviewed your information.


When you receive notice that a buyer has paid for an item through a Managed Payments transaction, you must then ship or otherwise deliver your item in accordance with the buyer's selection from the shipping options that you made available in your listing. You agree to deliver all items purchased pursuant to the terms of your listing and the User Agreement, and perform all other necessary transaction-related actions, when we notify you that we have received payment from your buyer.

Managed Payments Limitations

In some listings or categories, Sagorax may allow sellers to offer buyers the option to pay for a purchase directly to the seller without using the payment services offered by us under these Payments Terms of Use, for example by cash payment on pickup (“Offline Payment Methods”). We do not manage payments for such Offline Payment Methods. Offline Payment Methods are not covered by the Sagorax Money Back Guarantee or similar Sagorax buyer protection programs; additionally, we will not assist buyers or sellers with payment disputes (such as chargebacks) in connection with Offline Payment Methods. Your listings are subject to Sagorax’s payment policies and any other terms about payments that may appear on the Sagorax Services, including terms relating to the payment and disbursement methods available to you for such listings.

Returns and Cancellations; Refunds

If your buyer is entitled to a refund for a return or cancellation for a Managed Payments transaction, based on an agreement between you and the buyer or according to Sagorax’s policies regarding such transaction, you authorize us to pay to the buyer the corresponding refund amount on your behalf.


A buyer (or the owner of a payment instrument) may initiate a chargeback, direct debit reversal, or PayPal buyer protection claim, or otherwise asks their financial institution to open a payment dispute (all referred to solely within this Part I as “Dispute”) in connection with a Managed Payments transaction. The final outcome of the Dispute will be decided by the buyer’s financial institution.

We will manage Disputes, as follows: When a Dispute is opened, we will notify you and ask you whether you choose to accept or challenge the Dispute. If you accept the Dispute, you agree to the reversal of the payment to the buyer. If you challenge the Dispute, Sagorax will submit to the financial institution any relevant evidence you provide about the Dispute. You agree to provide timely information to assist in the Dispute resolution process and understand that your failure to provide requested information on the timeline we require and as specified by credit and debit card networks' and other payment service providers' rules could adversely impact the outcome of a Dispute investigation, up to complete forfeiture of the amounts in Dispute. If you accept the Dispute or if the buyer’s financial institution decides in favor of the buyer, the respective amount will be refunded to the buyer's original payment method and charged to us. You must reimburse us for such charges, unless you are eligible for seller protection in which case you are not held liable for amounts refunded to the buyer. If you choose to accept the Dispute, we may still decide to challenge the Dispute in our discretion and at no additional costs to you.

Some payment institutions offer an optional arbitration process to contest the results of an individual Dispute. We may ask for your consent to participate in such arbitration process. If you consent to chargeback arbitration, you authorize us to represent and defend you throughout the arbitration. You will be responsible for all costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and any arbitration fees assessed by third parties, arising from such arbitration proceedings), as agreed between you and us in each case, and you authorize us to pay these amounts on your behalf while the arbitration is pending.

You will not contest the resolution of any Dispute that we investigate and/or re-present, nor will you re-open resolved Dispute investigations. If you are a consumer in the EU, UK or Australia, your rights to file a complaint or to take legal action in court remain unaffected.

Seller Protection

If you have met your eligibility requirements for, and fulfilled all your applicable obligations, under the Seller Protection policy, you will not be held liable for any amounts to be returned to buyers due to Sagorax Buyer Protection Program claims and Disputes.

Fines, Penalties and Losses

We are unable to manage payments for prohibited and restricted items. Before listing your item, you must ensure it complies with Sagorax’s rules, applicable laws, and any additional restrictions imposed by credit card associations, network rules, or third-party payments service providers that we may use.

You agree to indemnify and reimburse us for all reversals, chargebacks, claims, costs, losses, damages, fees, fines, penalties and other liabilities and expenses incurred by us or brought against us by a third party arising out of (a) your breach of these Payments Terms of Use or the User Agreement including without limitation any violation of Sagorax’s policies; (b) your violation of any law or the rights of a third party; or (c) any transaction processed by us for you for an item or service you listed on Sagorax (including without limitation the accuracy of your item description or any claim or dispute arising out of items or services offered or sold by you).


We reserve the right to manage the risks associated with providing you the Payment Services, by placing restrictions on your access to your funds when deemed necessary, as described in further detail below.

You agree that we may place holds on your funds or instruct a payment service provider to hold your funds, prior to disbursement. For the avoidance of doubt, if you receive funds to either a stored value account issued to you under Sagorax’s Balance Terms and Conditions or to a payment account, a hold may also be placed on such funds. If a hold is placed on your funds, the amount and status of the hold will be displayed under the Payments tab in the Seller Hub/My Sagorax. We will notify you through the Sagorax Message Center and/or by email and, depending on the reason, may request additional information from you to help resolve the issue. A hold may be placed if we have reason to believe there is an increased risk associated with the provision of our Payment Services or with a certain Managed Payments transaction; for example, if we cannot verify your identity or if your buyer files a dispute. Please see our holds help page for more detail on the hold types and examples. We take into consideration relevant factors when assessing the risks, including selling history, seller performance, returns and cancellations, chargebacks, riskiness of the listing category, transaction value, the ability to make direct debits from your Linked Financial Account, and the filing of Sagorax Buyer Protection Program claims. We also may cancel or freeze the settlement of your proceeds as necessary to comply with our legal obligations in connection with fraud prevention, risk management, or regulatory compliance. Any hold placed on your funds will be lifted when the issue is resolved.

Unless your payout entity is Sagorax Sarl or ECUK, we may retain an amount that we reasonably believe may be necessary to pay for any refunds, reimbursements, or other payments associated with returns, Disputes, or other post-transaction activities, when your Sagorax account is closed. Unless otherwise required by law, we will settle any unused retained amounts to your Linked Financial Account within 180 days of your Sagorax account closure.

Your bank’s holds and settlement procedures may at times cause delays in the settlement of funds to your Linked Financial Account, and we do not have control over these delays.


In order to manage risk or secure your obligations under these Payments Terms of Use, we have the right to require a reserve of transaction proceeds. This means that the respective portion of your funds is reserved as unavailable for disbursement. Reserves may be in the form of rolling and/or minimum reserves.

  • A rolling reserve is a reserve funded by withholding a set percentage of your transaction proceeds each day for a fixed period to be released to you later at a scheduled time on a rolling basis. For example, we may require a rolling reserve of 10% for a period of 60 days. Under this requirement, 10% of your transaction proceeds earned on day 1 will be withheld from your payouts and then be released to you on day 61. Subsequently, 10% of your transaction proceeds earned on day 2 will be withheld and then released to you on day 62, and so forth. Rolling reserves are the most common type of reserve.
  • A minimum reserve is a requirement to hold a specific amount of money in your reserve. A minimum reserve may be funded by contributing a set percentage of your daily transaction proceeds to the reserve up to the minimum requirement, or by setting-off the entire amount of the minimum requirement from your pending payouts. For example, if we require a minimum reserve of $5,000, the reserve may be funded by contributing 10% of your transaction proceeds to the reserve each day until the amount reaches $5,000. Alternately, if your pending payouts equal or exceed $5,000, the minimum reserve may be funded by setting off the reserve requirement from your pending payouts at one-time in full.

We may require a reserve if we have reason to believe there is an increased risk of non-fulfilment of your obligations under these Payments Terms of Use. We take into consideration relevant risk factors before requiring a reserve, including, as applicable (i) your Sagorax account history, (ii) whether the category you are listing in has a higher likelihood of chargebacks or refunds, (iii) whether your Sagorax account has an elevated number of customer claims or disputes, (iv) your business and/or personal credit history (business sellers may be subject to credit agency checks), (v) whether you are selling products in advance of availability (pre-selling orders), and (vi) whether you have extended delivery time frames. Depending on your performance and the risk associated with your use of Managed Payments, a reserve may be raised, lowered, or removed at any time. The amount of each reserve (and any subsequent change) will be reasonably determined based on the seller-specific risk (including the volume of your sales). The amount and status of each reserve will be displayed under the Payments tab in the Seller Hub/My Sagorax and we will notify you of any reserves we require of you.

Our Liability

If we have acted with reasonable precautions and/or in accordance with our legal obligations, we are not liable for any unauthorized, incorrectly, unexecuted, or delayed payment transactions when such issues were caused by abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control.


In instances where we are required to collect your signature to meet anti-money laundering and/or other legal requirements, we may (where not prohibited by applicable law) treat your acceptance of these Payments Terms of Use as the equivalent of you providing us your signature.


You acknowledge the importance of the security measures we put in place with regards to Managed Payments, and agree to comply with them. You are responsible for maintaining the security of all passwords, codes, or other login credentials used to access your Sagorax account and the related Payment Services and, subject to Sagorax’s seller protection policies, for any transactions made or actions taken using your Sagorax account.

If you become aware of an unauthorized payment transaction or of a delayed or incorrectly executed transaction, you must notify us immediately by using a contact method stated in the “Introduction” of these Payments Terms of Use, above. If Sagorax Sarl or ECUK is your Payout Entity and you notify us by telephone of such a transaction, we may request written confirmation immediately following the notification; the notification shall be free of charge.

Third-Party Payment Services Providers

We may use third-party payment services providers to assist us in providing Managed Payments (such as companies that process payments and disburse settlements, perform risk assessments or compliance checks, verify identity, or validate payment or settlement methods), and we may process your data and transfer it to these third parties. You hereby explicitly consent to: our use of such third-party service providers, the outsourcing of services to them, and the related transfer and processing of data. Where applicable so we can provide you with Managed Payments, you hereby waive any professional secrecy rights. Regardless of whether we use third-party service providers, the appropriate Sagorax Payment Entity remains responsible to you for the performance of the services contemplated under these Payments Terms of Use.

Data Protection [Applicable to Payment Services Provided by Sagorax Payment Entities, except ECA; For ECA’s Data Protection Terms, See Part V]

Our performance of Payment Services entails the processing of your buyer’s personal data when a sale happens. With respect to such data processing, you, the Responsible Payment Entity, and the Payout Entity each act as a separate data controller/business under the applicable data protection laws (which may without limitation include, the General Data Protection Regulation, the California Consumer Privacy Act, or other data protection laws to which you are subject). You agree to: comply with your obligations as a data controller/business pursuant to the applicable data protection laws, and provide us with all such reasonable cooperation, information, and assistance as necessary for us to meet our requirements as a data controller/business.

Collection of Fees and Other Amounts You Owe

You authorize us to collect from you any amounts you owe us or our Affiliates (in particular the Affiliate which provides the Sagorax Services to you) under these Payments Terms of Use, the User Agreement, any other service contract, policy, agreement or as required by law (referred to as “Owed Amounts”). Owed Amounts typically include the following:

  • Fees;
  • Amounts as described in “Returns and Cancellations; Refunds”, “Disputes” or “Fines, Penalties and Losses” in Section 7 above;
  • Amounts you owe the eMBG Service Provider under the applicable eMBG Policy;
  • Taxes or other charges related to your use of our or our Affiliates’ services, if applicable and required by law;
  • Amounts we incorrectly settled to you due to a payment processing error or otherwise (see Section 1 above).

For the avoidance of doubt, this Section 9 only provides the authorization for us to collect such amounts which you already owe us or our Affiliates and does not establish any independent claims against you.

Collection of the Owed Amounts may be carried out on a one-time, sporadic, or recurring basis by the following means:

  • Retaining such amounts from your current or future disbursements relating to any transactions that you may have;
  • Recouping from your Linked Financial Account (and if required, by issuing a direct debit mandate or other similar authorization);
  • Recouping from any other payment instrument or payment method you may have authorized or placed on file with us or our Affiliates (for example, to pay for seller fees, shipping labels, or dispute resolution);
  • Recouping from your stored value account, if a stored value account has been issued to you;
  • Recouping from your payment account, if a payment account has been issued to you (see Part III);
  • Retaining collections agencies or using other collections methods, if the collection by other means has been unsuccessful.

You authorize us to choose the method of collection among those listed above. We generally deduct Owed Amounts from your current or future disbursements we process on your behalf. If a stored value account or payment account has been issued to you, we will deduct the Owed Amounts from funds held in the relevant stored value account or payment account before disbursing the funds to you. If your disbursements awaiting payout or funds held are not sufficient to cover these amounts, we will charge your Linked Financial Account or another payment method on file. If you have several payment instruments on file, you may indicate a specific payment instrument as your preferred payment method for collecting Owed Amounts in your Sagorax account.

You also authorize the Affiliate whom you have entered into the User Agreement with for the provision of Sagorax Services to charge you for any Owed Amounts on our behalf from any payment method you may have on file with such Affiliate.

If you provide us with a SEPA/BACS direct debit mandate for debiting Owed Amounts from your bank account, any required advance notice will be given to you at least three days prior to charging your bank account. At any point prior to you explicitly cancelling a SEPA/BACS direct debit mandate we have obtained from you, we may deduct Owed Amounts based on such mandate. Unless you are a consumer in the EU or UK, you waive, to the extent possible under applicable law, any rights you may have to receive advance notice of any particular preauthorized charge.

If our attempt to recoup an Owed Amount from a payment instrument you have authorized us to use fails as a result of your acts or omissions, we may charge you for the failed attempt as set forth on the Fee Page or as applicable in Parts IV and V below.

All sellers (except consumers in Germany)

We may amend these Payments Terms of Use by notifying you of the changes in writing (for example, by posting a revised version of these Payments Terms of Use on our website, including the Seller Hub or the Sagorax Message Center). Before the anticipated effective date of such change, we will notify you at least fourteen (14) days prior or if your Payout entity is Sagorax Sarl or ECUK, then two (2) months prior.

If you are a consumer (i.e., not a business) outside Germany whose Payout Entity is Sagorax Sarl or ECUK, you will be deemed to have consented to these changes unless you explicitly reject them before the anticipated effective date. For all other sellers, your continued use of Managed Payments beyond the effective date of the changes will constitute your acceptance of the changes.